Meg Stivison has worked on the development of games including Next Island, Empire Online, Verge Games’ Grumpy Goats, and two Nancy Drew titles. She writes regularly on games and gaming culture for Indie Games Magazine, Hardcore Droid, and other outlets. She blogs on games and life at Google

Comforting Mini Puzzler

Comforting Mini Puzzler “Grow Recovery” Is A Game That Actually Boosts Your Mood

I loved the browser minigames GrowCube and GrowTower, so I was really excited to put eyezmaze’s new Grow Recovery on my phone. The basic premise of the Grow games is deciding how to add new items to the scene. Each item interacts with the other items in interesting ways, and to complete the game, you’ll…

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“It Ended Badly” Puts Your Worst Breakup In Perspective

Jennifer Wright’s new book It Ended Badly shares some of the most dysfunctional breakups in history. We’re talking beheadings, prison, life-size dolls, and so much literary snark about thinly-veiled “fictional” characters. I was already hooked on the subject matter, but the narrative’s conversational tone really adds to the stories of historical heartbreak. If you don’t…

The Dark and Hilarious Stories of Helen Ellis'
The Dark and Hilarious Stories of Helen Ellis’ “American Housewife”

The short stories of Helen Ellis’ upcoming collection, American Housewife: Storiesare all wildly improbable and instantly relatable. In each story, Ellis invites readers into a unique setting, like a sinister book club of traded favors, a child star fleeing the pageant circuit for a new life with a new family (“Drop the ma’am and the…

“Call The Midwife” Memoir Trilogy Offers More Poplar Details For TV Fans

The popular BBC show Call The Midwife tells the story of young nurse, Jenny Lee, and her fellow midwives at Nonnatus House. If you’re not already in love with this program, check it out for a binge-watchable character-driven drama, including historical detail, snarky nuns, medical complications, and female friendships, plus loads of adorable babies. The…

Survive Amongst The Dinosaurs In The Adorably Retro
Survive Amongst The Dinosaurs In The Adorably Retro “Theropods”

Theropods is a simple point-and-click adventure game about a cavewoman battling dinosaurs, but the game is surprisingly adorable. Our story opens when a peaceful evening at the neolithic campfire is interrupted by hungry dinos. Our proto-human heroine, with adorable fur bikini and flowing red hair, will need to grab and creatively use items around her…

Get Your Doctor Who Fix With These Mini Adventures For Your eReader
Get Your Doctor Who Fix With These Mini Adventures For Your eReader

Time Trips are a series of Doctor Who stories that are at a perfect length between short story and novella. It’s basically like reading a Doctor Who episode in text. These stories all feature different doctors, so even if for some odd reason your favorite doctor is someone other than Nine (the greatest Doctor of…

What Happens When
What Happens When “The Canterbury Tales” Gets a Modern, Feminist Makeover

In Kim Wright’s new novel The Canterbury Sisters, nine women meet up for a walking pilgrimage to Canterbury. The women agree to amuse themselves on their walk by each telling a tale about love, combining the themes of Chaucer and chick-lit. It’s a little bit confusing keeping track of all the characters. Narrator Che worries…