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“Phobias & Fetishes” Is an Illustrative Look Into Their Psychological Origins

The next time someone tells you they have a foot fetish, maybe you should pull up a chair and give them an armchair psychological diagnosis. Could it be their penchant for feet is the fault of a childhood full of transitional objects? At least it is according to Phobias & Fetishes, an illustrated book that…

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An Animated Tribute to
An Animated Tribute to “The Wire”

It’s been eight years since The Wire ended and, fortunately, the show has not soured its iconic reputation. In a pop culture climate over-saturated with hype and critical darlings that are forgotten about within months, The Wire has maintained its footing as one of the important TV shows ever made. Illustrator Elliot Lim pays tribute to…

The Illustration Project: Nine Illustrations Inspired by Nine Books
The Illustration Project: Nine Illustrations Inspired by Nine Books

Painter/illustrator/comic Niklas Asker wants to elevate the medium of illustration with his series The Illustration Project. In the series, he creates nine separate illustrations inspired by nine books he read by classic authors like Virginia Woolf, Haruki Murakami, and others. He started the series as a way to play around with the definitions of illustration…

Portraits of Famous Artists, Writers, and All Their Weird Quirks
Portraits of Famous Artists, Writers, and All Their Weird Quirks

Most people know that Elizabeth I wore wigs or that Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off. But did you know Alfred Hitchcock didn’t have a belly button or that Abraham Lincoln was bad with chicks? These are just some of the strange facts uncovered in James Gulliver Hancock’s animated biography book, Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers:…

Wizard Skull's
Wizard Skull’s “Re-Animator” Takes an Edgy Twist to Classic Cartoons

When Brooklyn artist Wizard Skull got ahold of a few original animation cels from classic cartoons like The Smurfs and My Little Pony, he of course had to put his own unique spin on them–a spin that includes raunchy debauchery, low brow humor, and tongue-in-cheek playfulness. His series Re-Animator, currently on display at Cotton Candy…

“Human Error” Is What Heartache Looks Like To The 21st Century

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Spencer, who also goes by Witchoria, has a clever way of expressing heartache. Her ongoing Human Error series merges both old and new motifs, creating an experience that’s unique but oh-so familiar. Using simple Polaroid photos she conveys the limits of depression, self-loathing, and heartbreak by combining them with Apple error messages. The juxtaposition…

Browse a 20-Year Archive of Retro ANSI/ASCII Art
Browse a 20-Year Archive of Retro ANSI/ASCII Art

The current nostalgia over everything from the ’90s and late ’80s has triggered a recent surge in retro art trends. But unlike the fad of pixel art, ANSI/ASCII art, or text mode art, is still created the old fashion way–and largely by the same people, too. ANSI/ASCII art is art composed of numbers, letters, and…