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This Old Silent Documentary Explores Black Artists of the 1930s

This Old Silent Documentary Explores Black Artists of the 1930s

In honor of Black History Month, here’s a short film that shows a rare glimpse of the black NYC art scene of the 1930s. During a time when most blacks worked tirelessly janitors, construction workers, elevator operators and other blue collar-type work, they took their off time to express themselves creatively through art. This 15…

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NEVERMEN “Mr Mistake”

When TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, Faith No More’s Mike Patton and Anticon rapper/producer Doseone team up with animator Sarina Nihei, it’s guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience. Can you say “quadruple sandwich of perfection”? This video for “Mr Mistake” is the first single off Nevermen’s self-titled debut. Animated by Nihei, who is best known…

#TBT Ms. John Soda
#TBT Ms. John Soda “Hiding/Fading”

German duo Ms. John Soda burst onto the indie/electronic scene in 2002 with the release of No P. or D., followed by Notes and the Like. They took a 9-year break before coming out with 2015′s Loom, an album I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past few weeks. Although not a huge departure from their earlier…

Manic After Midnite
Manic After Midnite “The Chase”

Singer-songwriter Manic After Midnite, or M.A.M for short, has a sound that can only be described as warm. You want to strip down to your tank top, take off your shoes, and kick back in front of a fan when you listen to it. And no, I’m not talking about in a “hot and steamy”…

Whit Taylor's
Whit Taylor’s “Ghost”

This year’s Black Comic Book Festival held in Harlem drew swarms of fans obsessed with Luke Cage, Sherlock and Holmes, and other superhero faire. Whit Taylor‘s tiny booth of mostly autobio comics quickly caught my eye, and I left with a copy of her comic Ghost expecting it to be a light-hearted, philosophical look at society. Boy, was I…

Still Corners
Still Corners “Horses At Night”

It’s been nearly two years since Still Corners‘ Still Places, an album that should have propelled them into the indie pop landscape, a place currently dominated by Purity Ring and Grimes. But after the success of Still Places, Still Corners quietly disappeared. It wasn’t until I looked at an old mix I made two years…

“I’ll Be Right There” by Kyung-sook Shin

This is only Korean author Kyung-sook Shin’s second novel to be translated into English. Her first, Please Look After Mom, hit the New York Time Bestseller list, but her second translated novel, I’ll Be Right There, is my favorite, exploring themes and territories that surpasses the ”Oprah book club”-esque nature of her past novels. I’ll Be Right There…