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A Split Screen Rundown Of All Of Tarantino's Visual Rip Offs

A Split Screen Rundown Of All Of Tarantino’s Visual Rip Offs

Quentin Tarantino’s endless bag of cinematic homages that pop up frequently in his films is something film nerds have pointed out for years. But unless you’re a cinephile yourself, the endless hat tips to Lady Snowblood or The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly probably spiral over your head. This short video, a part of Indiewire’s “Genius…

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Read Emily St. John Mandel's Debut
Read Emily St. John Mandel’s Debut “Last Night in Montreal”

Canadian author Emily St. John Mandel’s award-winning novel Station Eleven made her the darling of the literary world back in 2014. But her 2009 debut novel is an excellent place for new book fans to start. I have a strong bias toward fiction about people who disappear–people, fueled by some kind of mid-like crisis, who…

#TBT Pink Playground
#TBT Pink Playground “Never Was”

For this week’s #TBT we’re not going that far back. After all, 2011 wasn’t that long ago. But Pink Playground’s debut album Destination Ecstasy came and went with little fan fare, which was unfortunate considering gems like “Never Was” and “Dark Bloom” was on there. From Houston, Texas, the duo has a post-80s shoegaze sound…

“Small People With Hats,” A Bizarre Animated Short That Satirizes Everything And Nothing

If you follow the animation world you’ve probably already heard of Sarina Nihei’s short Small People With Hats, a 2014 graduation film that won the top prize at this year’s Ottawa International Animation Festival — a huge honor for a student film. Nihei’s strange short will most likely baffle most, and I understand that not everyone will…

The fin.
The fin. “Night Time”

I’ll be honest, I originally only checked out The fin. because of a remix done by Petite Noir. However, the original track surprised me and was far better than Petite Noir’s choppy reinvention. From Japan, The fin. is an indie rock quartet that straddles that area of Euro-shoegaze and dream pop. The lead track off their…

“Weird Simpsons VHS” Is Exactly What it Sounds Like

There are two things kids today will never understand: 1) The Simpsons‘ “glory days,” and 2) VHS tapes. This hilarious nostalgic homage by Yoann Hervo will be a psychedelic trip down memory lane for most of us, but most importantly, it continues the awesome trend of Simpsons fan art, which birthed the brilliant Bartkira earlier this year….

Dolores Haze
Dolores Haze “Crazy About Me”

The Swedes are at it again, except instead of universal pop they’re tackling bratty punk rock. Dolores Haze might look like yet another all-girl punk band with dark eyeliner and press photos full of them scowling at the camera, but Dolores Haze is clearly aware of that. Their track “Crazy About Me” is a meta…